Company News Quick Bites:

1. ORM making waves - first customer is already happy, 72 days more to go

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ORM Making Waves

Outsourced Reputation Management (ORM) service was launched on 14th Feb 14'. This is an essential and integral part of indirect digital marketing for any company.

Outsourced Reputation Management, today's and future form of digital media publicity and public image, which one cannot afford to ignore. PR & public image is essential to every business.

Icons's ORM aims at being a catalyst organization to boost public image / reputation of business houses or individuals such as professionals, celebrities, politicians, etc. so that its no more a wish list. Any company or even individual can afford.

For this purpose, we allow the customer to choose their budget and we work around it by providing a bird's eye view of the result that can be expected.

This has indeed created waves where the customers feel value for their investment.

Its 25 days past (being in the 4th consecutive week now) with our first customer. Business enquiries have already started. An average of 2-3 business inquiries a week is reaching via email from global clients. Each inquiry business value ranges from USD50K to USD100K.

The customer is already happy. We are waiting for 72 more days to go. We will reveal the customer soon. Keep coming back for the update ...

Projects News Quick Bites:

2. Real Estate Portal
3. Ecommerce Portal

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Price Comparison Portal: 11 Feb 14'

Price comparison as the USP for an upcoming ecommerce portal dealing with electronic products to be launched soon.

The portal aims at offering as many information that are useful to the visitors. Among all, price comparison would give an insight to aid in purchase decisions. The visitor can choose to compare a product across various vendors of their choice. This would be first of its kind and Icons is proud to be creating it.

news number 4
Ecommerce E-Fulfillment Portal: 7 Feb 14'

Ecommerce portal is being developed for a handmade products firm based in Bangalore. The portal will serve as e-fulfillment application for the existing customers as well as, an estore for new customers. We recommended "Presto Shop" community version and customization. The portal will be ready to launch in 5 weeks.