Web Services In generic terms, web services is also called application services. We offer custom development and integration of web based applications with the following features,

(1) Interoperability
(2) Connectivity
(3) Re-usability

This allows different sources to communicate with each other, without barriers, to any OS or programming language.

Today, these are exercised either through SaaS or PaaS in a cloud environment, thus aiding in simple customizations of the applications interface, as per the process requirement. Developers can then add the Web service to a GUI (such as a Web page or an executable program) to offer specific functionality to users.

Example 1: Your accounting department running on Windows server based billing system can be connected to your vendor / supplier's UNIX system.
Example 2: Classic utility software like daily exchange rate and currency calculator being customized further with live feeds relay, which is much needed for any exporter.

Listed below are a few solutions for our customers,

1. E-fulfillment (connecting parent company in Australia with vendor in India)
2. Sales Documentation Management (connecting manufacturer in India with channel sales partners in the Middles East & Far East Asia)
3. Online Exam Management (multiple centre with same organization across the globe)
4. Online Inventory Control Management (connecting master data in remote location warehouse with Retail POS in cities)

Our implementation goal remains simple, "fusion of form and function".

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Android Solutions Android is the world's widely used mobile OS holding a market share of 62.5% (view source). The sheer popularity factor has made it compelling to adopt the platform for developing innovative mobile applications for consumer and business uses alike.

And we have been developing android applications for business houses since 2012.

Sky is the limit to what we can develop for you. Given below are some examples to using mobile applications to various aspects of your business process.

  • Employee Time Sheets
  • Employee Claims
  • Inhouse or customer survey
  • Project status reporting app
  • CRM ticketing app and many more ...

The power of mobile applications can be unleashed through our consulting followed by requirement analysis and implementation process.

Besides custom mobile app's development, we mobile GUI design and development services for totally mobile based business applications.