SEO & SEM Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is quintessential part of online presence. Irrespective of the evolving nature of web mark-up languages, the basic remains unadulterated and unaltered. Its rather getting more complex. Technology is evolving and so do their terminology and its applicable strategy.

In the mid 2Ks, SEO & Web Marketing go hand-in-gloves. Now, its become SEO, SEM & Web Marketing where SEM stands for search engine marketing. Yes, due to advance in technology, any online presence need to make their pitch to the search engines first to successfully implement their Web / Online Marketing Strategy.

We have developed a systematic process that leaves no stone unturned. Our analysts device the right strategy and solution for your budget to get your maximum ROI.

AMC Web presence needs annual maintenance like any home. Indeed its the home for businesses.

We offer valuable packages as part of the annual maintenance works. The package includes content, images, web banners, link updating, publishing, etc. besides auditing.

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Directory Support Creating web directories is Herculean task. More so they require periodical updating of contact coordinates of listed members as it the professional face of the members.

We offer directory development, listing and updating services (support) both one time as well on-going basis.

ORM The buzz word and future of every e-transaction is social media. It took 13 years for the television to hit a million customer, while internet took 3 years. But facebook and twitter made their first million customer count in 1 year and 8 months respectively.

online reputation management via social media publishing

Outsourced Reputation Management:

Creating social media account is easy and its just a medium or tool for marketing. How to effectively use the tool to get the maximum mileage is extremely complex. Hence creating an online reputation involves intricate planning, budgeting, strategies, testing, implementing, deploying, measuring, etc..

Its requires a Project Manager, a PR professional, a developer, a designer, testing professionals, an SEO & SEM expert. Hiring and maintaining the team inhouse is as good as farming your own land for daily bread, unless its your profession.

Its not magic either. Time is the key factor which is often a luxury to those, who want to reach the sky.

We offer advisory, consulting and implementation for your online reputation. We offer complete outsourced online reputation management package outlined below

1. Digital face
2. Digital marketing
3. Creative marketing and more ...

Its affordable. Take small steps. Create your own package, for the result you want.

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