What We Offer We create superior user experiences for web portals, that improves the overall performance which result in the following,

1. Enhanced revenue per customer
2. Improved customer retention and loyalty
3. Reduced support costs
4. Predictably more attractive ROI

For those who are well aware that marketing and sales is a non-stop process, so do is web usability.

It is emotionally challenging to agree that investing in usability pays multi-fold results. It is those emotion that will take a U-turn when reality facts are spread on the table. As the famous saying goes "We don't want it unless we see".

User Experience The success of a web portal is dependant on the end user's feel good factor "Experience Quotient (XQ)". If it is anything lesser than a score of 7.6 on a scale of 10, it bleeds in performance.

It makes great sense to business houses particularly eStores, to get a reality check on XQ before making that huge investment on changing marketing strategy.

Often, XQ is ignored, which can enhance the marketing or sales efforts.

Its logical and clever to deal with customers on store (online already) to convert than scouting for new strategy to bring more visitors to make it a number game.

web usability costs versus marketing and sales costs

Think about this question always before spending more to multiply the visiting crowd.

What is the conversion percentage?

Are you happy with normal 0.2 to 0.5% which is 2-5 of every thousand visitor which is the average sales in most of the estores.

Solution 1 Advisory Services:

The market is evolving constantly. So should be the XQ to retain 7.6+.

This requires a long term solution. An end-to-end solution, where web usability engineering is applied during the early development stage for achieving best results.

Our dedicated advisory team would work in tandom with your technical as well as marketing team to amplify the revenue. Your investment would be a fraction of your marketing budget but very prime indeed. We employ proven information architecture principles in this solution.

Also we apply our proprietary approach "BELT" with the proven track record by using "APPS" - Arts, Physics, Psychology and Statistics.

To Whom:

Appropriate for estores, social sites or any portal / website requiring stickiness.


1. Analysis / envisioning
2. Design / planning
3. Development / implementation
4. Evaluation / stabilizing

Solution 2 Consulting Services:

It is always advisable to warm-up before getting into a marathon. We have proved ourselves to many. But each one is unique and so may be you. Hence we have our consulting services with a short term approach.

Besides this is a good solution especially for after-thought scenarios. We follow DUE approach (Discounted Usability Model) for quick results.

web usability consulting services from Icons Infosystems & labs

To Whom:

This is perfect for those who got a wonderful website / portal but they knew somewhere something is missing.


1. Investigation - minimum factors to consider before product launch & providing a detailed report on the same
2. Implementation - execution of agreed recommendations followed by re-evaluation and handover

Solution 3 Implementation:

Our implementation services make the process unambiguous. A few steps in our approach are being openly shared knowing that our domain knowledge, essential skills and proven track record cannot be pirated.
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  It's never too late. We have also componentised the entire process for your convenience, so Contact us.